Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Why Not?

So, why not? Everyone, well almost everyone, has a blog these days. I've been debating starting a blog since I saw "Julie & Julia" and was encouraged by a blogger friend to start one. I read several blogs that I've been introduced to by friends, Google Reader, Facebook etc.

Lots of blogs are really interesting.

Most. are. not.

I'm not sure what you'll find here. I'm not sure what I'll write. I'm not the most eloquent of writers. I don't have the deepest of thoughts or insights. I'm not the funniest girl in the classroom or in my own house for that matter. I don't have the most interesting life.

BUT, I'm a good storyteller.

So starting tomorrow, I hope to treat readers with the stories of my life. The day-to-day mundane, the hysterical/emotional/chaotic present and past. I'm sure I'll embarrass myself and those dear to me along the way. Apologies. Maybe I'll change the names to protect the innocent, er, guilty parties!

Anyway, I'd like to share recipes, movie and book reviews and general stories from the goings on of all things Abby.


PS - I don't scrapbook so I'm looking forward to getting my blog all cutiefied. Any helpers???


  1. I'll help! I'm so excited to follow your every move! Er... wait.. is that creepy?

    Then call me the creeper!

    You can google :"blog layouts" and find some you like- then it's pretty step by step to apply it to your blog. But I'd looove to help!

  2. This is great Abby, sooo proud of you all the time