Monday, November 30, 2009


Well - I totally messed up last week's plan of blogging about the things I'm thankful for every day. This blogging thing takes up more time than I'd imagined. Once I post my blog I always find things I don't like so I go back and edit. And edit. And edit again.

One of my favorite things is finding errors in print. I like finding misspelled words. I like spotting the misuse of punctuation. I like when people totally use the wrong word or bad grammar. It somehow makes me feel superior and smarter. Who doesn't like feeling that?

BUT it's made me totally self conscious of my own writing since I'm so hard on others.

So yes. Blogging takes longer than I'd imagined.

Also, I'm having trouble coming up with topics that I think random people and my family/friends would enjoy reading. I had tons of ideas before starting this blog. And even in my sleep or in the car I'll come up with several blogging topics. But then I sit down to write and I'm blank.

So apologies for boring you and many thanks for staying with me. Stick around. I assure you it will get better...or more consistent at least.


  1. Well... I'm lovin' anything you throw my way!!

    Imagine that the only people that read your blog are the people that think you're INSANELY hilarious and brilliant.

    And if other people are reading it that don't think that way... then they just need to stop.