Thursday, November 5, 2009

Reading Rant

Chris sent me on an errand this morning to get a book at Barnes and Noble in Lubbock. Their new location opened just yesterday at the mall. It's ginormous. It's new and clean. It's spaced out with lots of room between the aisles. The cafe has more to offer and the children's section is much improved with toys and games and puzzles. They carry movies on blu-ray and are promoting the "nook" which is the new computerized book. There are several areas with comfy chairs to cozy up and read in...unless you have germ issues like me and choose the un-comfy wooden chairs ;0)

This bookstore is impressive.

But it's AT the's at the front of the mall right next to the main entrance. For those of you familiar with South Plains Mall, it's in the old Luby's. So on the occasion that I'm at the mall it will be nice to mosey on over and shop at Barnes.

But on the days/nights that I have just a moment and want to grab something quick (like Tuesday afternoon when I found myself in Lubbock without a thing to read and headed to a solo lunch) there's no way I'm gonna want to fight mall traffic and hunt for a parking place just to run in and grab a magazine. That quick run could take forever. It will be faster to go in a gas station and get the latest "People" or other gossip rag I feel like wasting my time with.

Although I've always considered books as an investment, I think this may be a sign that I should stop buying as many books and start checking more out from the library.

And on that note...
When we first moved to Levelland the girls and I made our way to the city library to get a few reads and apply for a library card. The clerk wasn't very friendly and didn't understand why my driver's license didn't have my current address. Uhhh, cuz it's a new address. I had to give an emergency contact and phone number. I didn't know anyone in Levelland so had to give my mother-in-law's info. The clerk was perturbed that she's not a Levelland local. Seriously, I felt like I was applying for a job with the FBI. But perhaps they take great pride in their books here at the Levelland library. They want to take great steps to ensure the enjoyment and education of our citizens. That's why my shiny new library card says in all caps, "The patron is responsible for all items borrowed with this card, to PROMTLY report any address change or lost card....". Seriously.

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  1. I agree about B&N's new location. I'm put off by it while also excited by the new size.. But mall traffic? I'd rather pass...

    Wish you could use our little Wolfforth library. They're crazy friendly. (You know.. verses "normal" friendly).