Monday, November 9, 2009


My cousin, Katy, turned 29 again last week. She wanted to celebrate this special occasion that only comes once by having a girls' night at her parents home in Tahoka. Captain Awesome kept the kids and shoved me out the door a few hours early so I could buy a gift for the birthday girl and shop a little. I didn't get a whole lotta shopping done except paint at Lowe's and a snack mix at World Market. I did however find a birthday present. AND, I treated myself to a mani. I needed fresh polish.

After driving to Tahoka and changing into this dress I was ready to par-tay.
After some yummy apps and a glass of wine, we sat down at the dinner table for a Fondue feast. Katy has been to Switzerland and a few dinner guests had been to The Melting Pot This however was my first experience with Fondue. We had sausage, potatoes and bread for the cheese/entree and then out came the chocolate and caramel (pronounced car-mul) dessert. I dipped apples, stawberries and angel food cake into these oh so yummy sauces. Truly, it was a great night of fun. I even ended up spending the night so the fun could last longer!
I definitely recommend Fondue for your next get together. It's casual and family-like since you're all eating from the same pot! I didn't even experience any germ issues...
And all through the night my inner actress kept saying, "Yo, Fondue" from the Grease song "Look at Me, I'm Sandra Dee". I'm so glad I was saying it in my mind because when I looked up the lyrics here: I discovered that the words are actually, "Hey, Fongul..." Who is that anyway?


  1. Hey Fongul! Fun post. Now you'll be a picture taking maniac. The fondue looks great!

  2. Hey, I'm pretty sure you can go to or search POV and that title and you can download it..I think... It was really touching...