Monday, August 23, 2010


I bought some pillows one day last week for my living room. I like them. They're not perfect but they basically with go with my stuff and they're bright and fun.

Since they aren't perfect I decided to go back to Target today to see if there was anything else that would work better.

I found something better alright. My pillows on clearance. At lease $5 off the price I paid.

I know at GAP that if you buy something and it then goes on sale within like 5-7 days then you can take in your receipt and get the credit back. I asked if they would offer me the same service.

Of course not.

But I was told that if I returned the original pillows that I would get full price back and then should just purchase the pillows on clearance.

I had a better idea. I had my original receipt in my purse so I thought I'd purchase the pillows on clearance and then go directly to the service counter and use the clearance pillows with the original receipt to return them.

It didn't work.


So, now I have two sets of pillows and will have to trek back to Target tomorrow to return the original set. Since they are light in color I haven't let the kids touch them so they ARE unused. BUT, I did Scotch Guard them already! Shhhhh. We'll just look at it like I'm doing a service for the next customer! Right?

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Summer's Over

I remember always being so sad that Summer was coming to an end and the school year was starting. Of course up until about my Sophomore year in high school I couldn't wait for school to start. But once I was 15ish the end of Summer was depressing.

Especially in my adulthood...there was no more pretending I was a kid. With adulthood comes too much responsibility to waste the Summer days away.

I never felt like I sucked every ounce out of June, July and August. I felt like I needed more time by the pool. More time on fun vacations. More time sleeping late, reading books, playing outside, spending time with family and friends.

How do I feel with this Summer coming to a close? Good, actually. We played at the pool almost every chance we got. We got to go as a family to a friends' ranch for a long weekend and also to Ruidoso without the kids. I've read several good books and Chris has let me sleep late a few times. We've gotten to see both sides of our families at a wedding, an anniversary party and a "photo shoot". And finally, being in a new town we've made new friends and gotten to catch up with some old friends too.

Sounds like a pretty good Summer to me. How was yours?