Friday, March 5, 2010


Lent - in Christian tradition, is the period of the liturgical year leading up to Easter. The traditional purpose of Lent is the preparation of the believer - through prayer, penitence, alms giving and self-denial - for the annual commemoration during Holy Week of the Death and Resurrection of Jesus, which recalls the events linked to the Passion of Christ and culminates in Easter, the celebration for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

It was a few weeks ago but did you give anything up for lent? This is the first year that I've given something up. A friend had told me what she gave up last year and it struck a chord in me. So there I went and gave something up for lent for the first time.

I love to read. It lets me enter into a different world for a little while! I enjoy most genres of fiction with the exception of sci-fi. I mostly enjoy general Christian fiction or romance novels. I do not read novellas but a good romance is always nice to pass the time.

Chris is an avid reader as well but he chooses more educational and challenging books. He reads alot of biographies, histories, economic type books while I sit reading my breezy romances. I just don't enjoy non-fiction or self-help books. I've invested in many non-fiction books but if I have a moment to read I want to be entertained rather than challenged. Yes - I realize that I'm missing out on inspiration and education but so be it.

So for lent I gave up fiction. It hasn't been ridiculously hard but there have been lazy moments here and there that I wish I had a lazy book. Not only did I give up fiction but I challenged myself to read some of the "investments" that have been stacking up.

What am I reading?
I have also caught up on the magazines I've been stockpiling for months am reading a few gossip rags that I pick up at the Wal-Marts ;) or the grocery store. Don't count on full book reports but so far I'm enjoying myself and learning a thing or two. Go figure!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Six Degrees of Seperation

A few weeks ago when I attended the Lisa Whelchel conference in Littlefield I rode the church bus along with several other women. I sat with my good friend Aimee who had been the one to invite me to the "Young Mom's Bible Study" and whose daughter ,Sophie, is in Jencee's class at school.

Along the way I think I mentioned to her that Chris was from Littlefield and that my in-laws still lived there. She mentioned that her Dad had grown up in Littlefield. I thought I might know the name since I've come to know alot of people from there and certainly heard alot of names.

Turns out her maiden name is Reese. I asked if they were related to Peyton Reese. Yes! Peyton Reese was her grandfather's brother. She asked how I knew Peyton and I explained that Peyton was married to my grandfather's sister! My Papa had a sister named Chloie that died when my mother was just a baby but for whom my mom, Chloie Jan, is named after!

I excitedly explained this to Aimee and she informed me that her daughter's name is Sophie Chlo also after my great aunt!!! We were excited to learn that we are cousins by marriage and that someone as wonderful as my great Aunt Chloie has two namesakes!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I got an email a few weeks ago discussing the benefits of fruit. It encouraged a three day Fruit Fast to cleanse your body. The benefits would be better digestion and radiant skin. (I thought it was good for water retention but I can't find that info now.) I like fruit and thought it would be a good kickstart to healthier eating. We all need more fruit in our diet right? So I decided to eat fruit and only fruit for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.

I'm a loser.

By Tuesday at 2pm I decided I must have more sustenance and ate some cheese and crackers. For dinner Tuesday I ate a single piece of stuffed pasta and pineapple. Wednesday morning? I at all things related to food.

In retrospect I probably should've skipped my workout Monday night and maybe I would've had more energy yesterday. And once I'd crossed the boundary last night I decided today shouldn't be any different. Like I said, I'm a loser.

Do you fast ever or often? I fasted from food and prayed every Monday from the middle of March 2009 until the end of December on behalf of my brother. He was in Iraq sacrificing for me and my country so I sacrificed food on Monday's for him. It became a good way to start the week spiritually and dietically (I like to make up words!).

But after he got home in December I began eating again on Mondays. I've truly missed the focus it brought to my prayer life and have been thinking about what I could do to bring that focus back. Even though I failed at this 3-day Fruit Fast I've decided to do fruit fasts more regularly. I plan to fruit fast most Mondays. I'd like to say all Mondays but every now and then there is a reason to eat something more than fruit on Monday. Like in April - my birthday is on a Monday and I KNOW I can't turn down all the goodies that will come my way!

Also, to bring focus to my fast I've decided to eat specific fruits on behalf of others who need prayer. This week I texted some dear and near to my heart and asked their favorite fruits. So Monday I ate green apples, strawberries, raspberries, pineapple and mango praying specifically for their needs.

I'm excited. I'd love to go before the Lord in supplecation for you...just tell me your fruit preferences!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Told Ya

So I sneeze loud. Sometimes it's ridiculous but it feels so very good and even when I try to hold it back where it isn't quite as raucous it still comes out loud and violent. Ohhh nothing feels like a good sneeze. I don't have allergies but I think when I'm overly tired I tend to sneeze more. Probably just my imagination...I haven't done a thorough scientific study.

People, namely my sisters and spouse, give me a hard time about my sneeze. After years of ridicule I truly try to tame the beast but it almost hurts not to let it out. I also think holding back a sneeze isn't natural. I needed proof for my theory.

I went as far as drafting a question/letter to Dr. Oz who now has his own show but used to appear almost weekly on Oprah. Yes, I wanted answers to my sneezing questions but mostly I wanted to be on Oprah. I enlisted my sis, Jennie, who is a much more eloquent writer than me to compose the question so it would come across smart and funny. She too wanted to be on Oprah. I, however, was embarrassed by her wording and never submitted the question. Regrettably. Now Oz is never on Oprah and I don't really care to go on the Dr. Oz show. Does anyone watch it? I never have...

Well, who needs Oz anyway. I found this snippet in the "Better Homes and Gardens" issue from October 2009

Is it bad for you to hold back your sneezes?
Easy one. Yes. Sneezing is to the nose what coughing is to the lungs. It's your body's way of clearing out things that shouldn't be there, such as allergens and viruses. Holding a sneeze in can also cause a rapid, intense buildup of pressure in your head and can propel germs deep into the sinuses or ear canals, causing infections. That same pressure can damage delicate ear membranes.

See, I told you. Big sneezes ARE good for you. I'm rarely sick. With the exceptions of giving birth and having my wisdom teeth pulled I have only been sick in bed for an entire day only ONCE since Chris and I got married. And even then I was 8 months pregnant. Like I said, I don't have allergies-which admittedly contributes to most peoples sneezes-but I don't get colds all that often either.

So sneeze BIG and let it all out. But cover your mouth por favor.