Thursday, March 4, 2010

Six Degrees of Seperation

A few weeks ago when I attended the Lisa Whelchel conference in Littlefield I rode the church bus along with several other women. I sat with my good friend Aimee who had been the one to invite me to the "Young Mom's Bible Study" and whose daughter ,Sophie, is in Jencee's class at school.

Along the way I think I mentioned to her that Chris was from Littlefield and that my in-laws still lived there. She mentioned that her Dad had grown up in Littlefield. I thought I might know the name since I've come to know alot of people from there and certainly heard alot of names.

Turns out her maiden name is Reese. I asked if they were related to Peyton Reese. Yes! Peyton Reese was her grandfather's brother. She asked how I knew Peyton and I explained that Peyton was married to my grandfather's sister! My Papa had a sister named Chloie that died when my mother was just a baby but for whom my mom, Chloie Jan, is named after!

I excitedly explained this to Aimee and she informed me that her daughter's name is Sophie Chlo also after my great aunt!!! We were excited to learn that we are cousins by marriage and that someone as wonderful as my great Aunt Chloie has two namesakes!

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  1. Are you kidding me? That is unbelievable. I had to read that paragraph a few time to get it, but WOW! Did you tell her your neice is named CHLOIE, too?