Monday, March 1, 2010

Told Ya

So I sneeze loud. Sometimes it's ridiculous but it feels so very good and even when I try to hold it back where it isn't quite as raucous it still comes out loud and violent. Ohhh nothing feels like a good sneeze. I don't have allergies but I think when I'm overly tired I tend to sneeze more. Probably just my imagination...I haven't done a thorough scientific study.

People, namely my sisters and spouse, give me a hard time about my sneeze. After years of ridicule I truly try to tame the beast but it almost hurts not to let it out. I also think holding back a sneeze isn't natural. I needed proof for my theory.

I went as far as drafting a question/letter to Dr. Oz who now has his own show but used to appear almost weekly on Oprah. Yes, I wanted answers to my sneezing questions but mostly I wanted to be on Oprah. I enlisted my sis, Jennie, who is a much more eloquent writer than me to compose the question so it would come across smart and funny. She too wanted to be on Oprah. I, however, was embarrassed by her wording and never submitted the question. Regrettably. Now Oz is never on Oprah and I don't really care to go on the Dr. Oz show. Does anyone watch it? I never have...

Well, who needs Oz anyway. I found this snippet in the "Better Homes and Gardens" issue from October 2009

Is it bad for you to hold back your sneezes?
Easy one. Yes. Sneezing is to the nose what coughing is to the lungs. It's your body's way of clearing out things that shouldn't be there, such as allergens and viruses. Holding a sneeze in can also cause a rapid, intense buildup of pressure in your head and can propel germs deep into the sinuses or ear canals, causing infections. That same pressure can damage delicate ear membranes.

See, I told you. Big sneezes ARE good for you. I'm rarely sick. With the exceptions of giving birth and having my wisdom teeth pulled I have only been sick in bed for an entire day only ONCE since Chris and I got married. And even then I was 8 months pregnant. Like I said, I don't have allergies-which admittedly contributes to most peoples sneezes-but I don't get colds all that often either.

So sneeze BIG and let it all out. But cover your mouth por favor.


  1. I agree. I too am a big sneezer, so thanks for the proof I can now forward to Kimbra.

  2. I'm in the big sneeze category too. Weren't we together at a museum in Spain, discussing big sneezes, and I tried to hold one in and ended up making a farting noise through my pursed lips that echoed through the halls??? I learned my lesson... Just sneeze!

  3. Oh George - that sounds vaguely familiar. I'm sure we laughed too loud.

  4. I mean, as long as snot isn't coming out your nose... then I say, go for it!!