Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I got an email a few weeks ago discussing the benefits of fruit. It encouraged a three day Fruit Fast to cleanse your body. The benefits would be better digestion and radiant skin. (I thought it was good for water retention but I can't find that info now.) I like fruit and thought it would be a good kickstart to healthier eating. We all need more fruit in our diet right? So I decided to eat fruit and only fruit for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.

I'm a loser.

By Tuesday at 2pm I decided I must have more sustenance and ate some cheese and crackers. For dinner Tuesday I ate a single piece of stuffed pasta and pineapple. Wednesday morning? I at all things related to food.

In retrospect I probably should've skipped my workout Monday night and maybe I would've had more energy yesterday. And once I'd crossed the boundary last night I decided today shouldn't be any different. Like I said, I'm a loser.

Do you fast ever or often? I fasted from food and prayed every Monday from the middle of March 2009 until the end of December on behalf of my brother. He was in Iraq sacrificing for me and my country so I sacrificed food on Monday's for him. It became a good way to start the week spiritually and dietically (I like to make up words!).

But after he got home in December I began eating again on Mondays. I've truly missed the focus it brought to my prayer life and have been thinking about what I could do to bring that focus back. Even though I failed at this 3-day Fruit Fast I've decided to do fruit fasts more regularly. I plan to fruit fast most Mondays. I'd like to say all Mondays but every now and then there is a reason to eat something more than fruit on Monday. Like in April - my birthday is on a Monday and I KNOW I can't turn down all the goodies that will come my way!

Also, to bring focus to my fast I've decided to eat specific fruits on behalf of others who need prayer. This week I texted some dear and near to my heart and asked their favorite fruits. So Monday I ate green apples, strawberries, raspberries, pineapple and mango praying specifically for their needs.

I'm excited. I'd love to go before the Lord in supplecation for you...just tell me your fruit preferences!


  1. You bless me so and you make me laugh out loud--like that bust out laugh Kelly makes fun of me for! Thank you for your faithfulness! Love you much

  2. so THAT'S why you asked Bryce's favorite fruit! I just burst into tears :) Sweet sister, I love you so much.

  3. What a special thought to have! Let me know how this turns out. I think my favorite fruits are already listed. Keep up the "prayer warrioring"!