Monday, November 23, 2009

Doin' the Rachael Ray

This Thanksgiving I'm thankful that I have a garbage disposal.

I've been cooking ALOT more since we've moved to L-town. There aren't as many places to eat out. We don't have many friends that we're meeting and eating with. My kitchen is HUGE! I have so much counter space it's ridiculous.

And I have dishwasher!

And I have a garbage disposal!

Both of which I've been without for the last 10+ years!!! So, I'm enjoying being in the kitchen much more often. And as a side note: I'm pretty good at this cooking business.

Anyway, in the last few months I've been taking a few moves from one Rachael Ray.

I have a TRASH BOWL.

It's life changing. Okay - that's dramatic. It isn't as life changing as the dishwasher or the disposal but it certainly changes the preperation of meals. Who knew? Besides Rachael, anyway? I just use any ole bowl out of the cabinet but I'd really like one of hers just cuz it's kinda fun...and funny.Don't ask me why but the use of a trash bowl reminds me of the scrap bucket at my grandparents house. Grandma didn't have a garbage disposal so all the food left on our plates went into the scrap bucket for Grandpa to take to the dog that stayed on the farm. I've been wracking my brain today trying to remember that dog's name. Myrtle. I wonder if poor Myrtle ever got any real dog food or if it was just scraps. I assure you she (he?) was well fed and well taken care of. And I'm sure the scraps were probably pretty tasty considering how good Grandma's cooking was. I don't really know but I'm thinking she was a lucky dog, that Myrtle.

Back to the bucket... To say the least, it was disgusting! Truly. My trash bowl isn't nearly as awful considering it isn't actual food all mixed in together. It's just egg shells and cans and paper and onion peel. And I'm not feeding it to anything!

I don't think it ever occurred to me at the time how truly foul that bucket was. But now, I'm gagging just thinking about it. So yes. This Thanksgiving one thing I'm thankful for is my garbage disposal (and many many other things we can cover later)! What are you thankful for?

Can you tell from the items in my trash bowl what I was preparing?


  1. Queso!! Do I win a prize???

    Do I?

    Do I?

    I don't really get the idea of the bowl.... So you can see what you're going to throw away? To encourage recycling??

  2. Not queso either.
    The point of the bowl is so you don't have to walk to the trash can or the sink. It's handy dandy right by your side.

  3. Can I have the trash bowl since I don't have a garbage disposal? Is that the prize?