Monday, December 21, 2009

Can't Wait

It started at January 7th -ish. But then we got word that it would be December 18. And that's what we planned around. Then we were told December 19 then December 22 then December 20 then 21 then 22 then 23. It's been set for December 23 for over 24 hours so we're very optimistic!
You see, my brother is coming home from Iraq this week and we've literally been on the edge of our seats for over a week waiting for word of when his arrival would be. We don't want any of that "Estimated Time of Arrival" business. We want the real time.

As frustrating as it has been for us at home I can't imagine how my brother and his comrades must feel getting the run-around and their redeployment date getting pushed further back. Even getting pushed back by a measly 12 hours totally sucks.

BUT he's coming home.

So I do. not. care. that they've changed the dates seven bagillion times. He'll be home safe and sound!

He'll be home for Christmas! How exciting is that? Put a big red bow on the boy and sing "Deck the Halls". I'm getting my Christmas present December 23rd this year!


  1. No Christmas gift can top that (Jesus obviously aside). Merry merry Christmas!!

  2. So thankful....for Matthew, for his willingness to serve, for his courage to protect, for his safe return home....we love him and you and all of your family very, very much!

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