Sunday, January 3, 2010


Chris and I got a babysitter yesterday and made our way to Lubbock. We had many an errand to run and needed, truly needed, to eat at one of our favorite haunts. One of our stops? Sears. We found they had a much better selection of workout equipment and a more knowledgeable staff than Academy. Anyway, Chris bought me (us) a treadmill!

It was too long to fit in our vehicle so we drove home with the back door half open and tied to the bumper. It was cold and long. Really it wasn't so bad but don't tell Chris I said that ;)

This afternoon whilst both girls were sleeping Chris began the chore of putting it together. He's handy like that. It fell on his toe. I heard a few grunts. But it was worth it! Wasn't it Chris?

After putting it together he ran.
Doesn't he look athletic?

After the girls were put to bed, I ran.

Don't I look awesome?

Actually, no pictures were taken because the THUD THUD THUD of the treadmill was causing not only me and my thighs to jiggle to high heaven, but also everything in the house. If a picture had been attempted I'm sure it would be blurry as there is no possible way that a photographer could keep a steady hand with all the jiggling going on.

I digress.
I'm very excited about my new piece of equipment and was pleased with the outcome of my first workout. We've placed the machine in our enclosed sun porch. We have a TV and DVD player and will soon have cable connected so I can watch my shows and workout at the same time. It only makes sense.

I think I lost at least 5 pounds today. Surely. I mean, I sweat out at least 5 pounds of water weight! Good Lord. I need some water.

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  1. That's awesome!! And you look SO serious in that picture. I'm the lady with the big bangs cheering you on in the back. Ha!

    I'm excited for you!