Friday, July 8, 2011


Do you know or have you met all the people whose blogs you follow? I haven't. Friends recommend this or that blog or I find a link to a blog or random blogs come up in a google search. Anyway, I read alot of blogs written by people I don't know.

Does this make me a stalker? I kinda feel like it.

A few months ago I saw this girl at the country club who writes a blog in Lubbock. She attends my friends' church and is good friends with one of my good friends' brother. Make sense? Good. Anyway, I walked on over and introduced myself and explained how I found her blog thru Party Perfect and then stayed interested because she lives in Lubbock and we know alot of the same people. She might be shy...or she thought I was a stalker. She said, "Okaaaay." And smiled. That was it.

I felt like an idiot.

Back in the fall I was leaving the grocery store and saw this man get out of his car with a little boy. I knew that I should know them but couldn't place them. Then here comes the mom and one of her adopted babies that she's been blogging about. I knew instantly who they were and were so surprised to see them in my neighboring town because I honestly thought they were from Arkansas or Tennessee. I thought her blog was one I found through Kelly's Korner or Bring the Rain and couldn't believe she was from Texas.

I smiled and continued walking. Then turned right back around and walked up to her. I said, "This is so random..." then explained that I read her blog. She was very friendly and introduced me to her family. Then we went our separate ways. (She doesn't put alot of personal information on her blog like where she lives or her children's names or the church they attend. So I won't connect you to her to keep her privacy.)

A few months ago I saw her again at formal fundraiser but I was upstairs looking down from the balcony when I recognized her but was too far away and too high up to speak. Can you imagine? Me yelling from the second floor? "Hellllloooo? You! Down there! I read your blog!!!"

I saw her AGAIN yesterday... She was at the same grocery store with her kids. AND I didn't say anything!!! I smiled and admired the cuteness of her kids, albeit silently, and kept going. That makes me feel like a stalker. Watching from a distance...

I'm not sure why I didn't say anything. I guess because I feel like I know alot about her and she's only seen/met me once and it was quick. in a parking lot. in the cold. a long time ago.

Anyway, it's stupid not to say anything. So I commented on her blog this morning explaining my 'situation' and apologized for not speaking and warning her that I would speak the next time I randomly see her.

What about you? Does reading random peoples blogs seem weird? Stalkish? Have you randomly met a one of these bloggers in real life?


  1. I, of course, am one friend who can relate! I think people have the option of making their blogs private (and many people I know have private blogs) or they have the option to not blog at all/put it all on facebook for friends. In a sense, for the most part, people keep public blogs for a purpose. Maybe they want to write, share something with the general public, OR they're very social and like the idea of knowing new people. I've had lots of people come up at church who I don't know and say that they follow the blog. I love it and only wish that they would comment so I can "know" them. I've made a few friends this way- that I've never met but we know one another fairly well through common interests (missions, photography) and the blog alone. I don't think you're a stalker! (but I do think commenting is the right thing to do). :)

  2. : )

    I need an about the baby in your belly that may not be in your belly anymore! Hope you are doing well!