Friday, April 9, 2010


I haven't posted in awhile. Why? There's so much that I want to blog about but then I don't. And then I feel like I can't blog about the next thing because I didn't post about the last thing. Make Sense? Perfect.

I really wanted to do cute blogs all about my girls birthday January. My friend, Georgia blogged about Jencee's and Marlee's parties and posted tons of pics...because she was my photographer for the day. Thanks G-rock. You, well, Rock!

I would've really liked to have posted about the life and death of my Uncle Bob. But my sister Jennie wrote about it on her blog and she's a much more eloquent writer than I.

I never posted all of our Christmas stuff, my brother's homecoming or more about our trip to New Orleans. Do I go back??? I feel like I shouldn't move forward without covering what's behind.

But alas! I shall. I'll move forward forgetting about the past. Well, not forgetting altogether just in this blog world. At least so I can blog again!

A friend recently posted, "Why do we blog, anyway?"

Yes. Why, indeed?

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  1. I couldn't answer for myself but I can answer for you- because you're witty and you see the world in a way that no one else can! Blog to make YOU happy. Have fun with it and don't care what anyone says!! (according to me). :)