Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Facts of Life

The fact of my life is that we have been busy. Thus, no blogging. However, there is much to be blogged ABOUT! Where to start??? I guess I'll start with the most recent.

Sunday night I went to hear Lisa Whelchel speak at FBC Littlefield. Lisa Who? Blair from "Facts of Life". She was fab! We had a lot of fun and I got a few really good ideas on disciplining and rewarding my kids! She's really funny and cute. In fact I'd really like her haircut and color but I think it'd make me look older.

SIDENOTE: While purchasing a bottle of wine at Market Street in Lubbock I was asked to show my ID. The cashier took a second look and exclaimed, "There's no way you're this old!" Sigh. I'll take that compliment anytime!

Back to the topic at hand...

The best thing about her is her transparency. She seems very down to earth and real. I already had "Creative Correction" but I didn't realize she'd written it until I saw it on her display!

I bought "taking care of the me in mommy". (The official title is in all lower case so I'm assuming that's how I should reference it...correct me if I'm wrong.)
And, she signed it! I was the first in line like a big dork. I wanted her to sign the book "to Jencee and Marlee's Mommy - The Best on the Planet." but was too embarrassed to ask. So it's just signed "Abby - Lisa Whelchel." Although you can't really decipher her signature. Maybe she should've been a doctor.


  1. Hey Abby! I really did like hearing her. I also think you will enjoy the book you bought. I have that one and thought it was really good! I also have Creative Corrections, but probably need to reread it. I think I got it when Lily (8) was very little and I didn't think it applied. Now that she's older and I have 2 boys who I definitely need to be creative with, I'll have to crack it open again.

  2. I think you weren't a dork at all. And I wanted her hair cut too. Thanks for inviting me!